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SQLiteWebAdmin - Webbased SQLite Database administration

SqliteWebAdmin is a OpenSource web based Database administration tool for SQLite Databases, written in PHP.




Webserver with PHP 4.x and SQLite - Extension enabled or PHP5 Beta


SQLiteWebAdmin is currently under heavy development.


Download SQLiteWebAdmin-0.1.tar.gz | SQLiteWebAdmin-0.1.zip (16.11.2003)


SQLiteWebAdmin is released under the Artistic Licence.


Extract the Archive on your Webserver, this will create a subdirectory named SQLiteWebAdmin-x.x. Make sure that your Webserver has the SQLite Extension enabled or uses PHP5. Open the index.php file in your Webbrowser.

The Webserver must have read and write privileges to the Database Files (sqlitewebadmin.db and test.db). If you want to create new Databases, the webserver must have write permissions to that Directory. If no directory is specified, the databases are created in the SQLiteWebAdmin-x.x directory.

If you use php 4.x, you can get the php_sqlite module trough the PEAR repository. In PHP 5 Beta SQLite is enabled by default.

Contributor(s) Till Brehm

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