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System Requirements

The 42go installer supports the following Linux distributions:



 Mandrake Linux starting from version 8.1 to Mandriva 2006 (new!)


 Red Hat Linux starting from version 7.3 to 9.0


 Fedora Core 1 and Fedora Core 4 (new!)


 SuSE Linux starting from version 7.2 to 10.0 (new!)


 Debian 3.0 (Woody), Debian 3.1 (Sarge) Testing and Unstable (new!)


 CentOS 4.1 and 4.2


 UBUNTU 5.04 and 5.10


 FreeBSD version 5.0 and 5.1




  • Operating System: Linux (Kernel 2.4 or later with glibc6) (the following distributions are supported: Mandrake Linux starting from version 8.1, Red Hat Linux starting from version 7.3, Fedora Core 1 and Fedora Core 2, SuSE Linux starting from version 7.2 and Debian starting from version 3.0 or FreeBSD starting from version 5.0)
  • Apache Webserver version 1.3.12 or later / 2.0.40 or later
  • Sendmail or Postfix
  • Procmail
  • Quota Package
  • ProFTP as standalone version or vsftpd as inetd/xinetd/standalone version
  • Php 4.0.5 or newer as Apache module
  • MySQL data base ( < version 4.1!)
  • a POP3/IMAP daemon that supports either the traditional Unix-Mailbox format (e.g. gnu-pop3d, qpopper, ipop3d, popa3d or vm-pop3d) or the Maildir format (e.g. Courier-Imap)
  • OpenSSL and mod_ssl for the creation of SSL virtual hosts
  • BIND8 / BIND9
  • iptables or ipchains (Linux) resp. ipfw (FreeBSD)

Before the installation, the installer checks the configuration of your Linux system. If any of the packages is not present, the installation routine stops.


Here are some example configurations for systems that are attuned to the use of the 42go ISP-Manager:

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