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42goISP Manager 2.0 - Features

Daemons / Services

Supports The Following HTTP Servers: Apache 1.3.x/2.0.x

Supports The Following FTP Servers: Proftpd & vsftpd

Supports The Following Mail Servers: Sendmail & Postfix

Supports All POP3 & POP3s Servers

Supports All IMAP & IMAPs Servers

Supports The Following DNS Servers: BIND 8/9 with SPF

Firewall Configuration

Monitoring Of Services And Automatic Restart If Necessary

Manage Daemons (Start, Stop, Restart)


Web Billing

Web Mail Interface

phpMyAdmin Integration

Remoting: edit primary and secondary DNS, resellers, clients, webs/domains and users with a SOAP interface

Domains / Webs

CGI Directories


PHP Safemode


SSL Management And Certificates

Frontpage 2002 Extensions

Multiple MySQL Databases Per Web Site

Disk Quota

Webalizer Statistics*

Traffic Statistics (Web, FTP, Mail)

Disk Usage Statistics

Individual Standard Index Pages

Individual Error Pages

Individual HTTPD Records

Domain Redirects

Backup (Web, Users, Log Data)

Log Quota & Logrotation

Standard CGIs

WAP Pages

Hostingplan Templates


User Management (System Users, Mail Users And FTP Users)

Email Autoresponder

Email Forwarding To Multiple Addresses

Mail Quota

Mailscanner (Antivirus)

Email Filter Administration

Administration Of CatchAll Email Addresses

Shell Access Administration

Automatic User Prefix

Antivirus Filter (ClamAV)

Spamfilter Settings

Antivirus Settings In User Interface

Individual Standard Index Pages And User Standard Index Pages

Performance Parameters

Unlimited Number Of Domains Per Server**

Unlimited Number Of Subdomains Per Server**

Unlimited Number Of FTP Accounts**

Unlimited Number Of Resellers**

Unlimited Number Of Resellers**

Unlimited Number Of POP3 Accounts**

Administration Of Unlimited Number Of IP Addresses**

Unlimited Number Of Email Forwards**

Mailbox And Maildir Support

** Depends on your hardware.

Operation And Administration

Creation Of Individual Folder Structures With Individual Names

Administration of Billing Data

Client Administration

Reseller Administration

Move Clients Between Resellers

4 Login Levels: Admin, Resellers, Clients, Users

Update Manager

Standard Plugin Interface

Enhanced Plugin Interface

Recycle Bin, Recovery Of Old Entries And Complete Web Sites

Online Help

Help Tooltips

Manage Invoice Items

Invoice Management

Invoice Creation, View & XML Export

Language Settings Per User

Client, Reseller And Invoice Numbers

Integrate Your Corporate Logo In 42go

Helpsystem Extendable By Administrator

Secondary DNS

Search Mask For Primary And Secondary DNS Records

Automatic Network Configuration (Linux Only)

Welcome Mails For Resellers And Clients

Reseller Limits

Reseller Quota

Automatic Notification If A User/Web Site Is About To Exceed Its Quota

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