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Advantages Of Using The 42go SPAM-Filter

Emails are gaining more and more importance as a means of communication nowadays, and many businesses cannot be imagined without the use of emails. With the increasing spread of this medium new dangers and threats arise that can reduce the productivity of your employees massively and - even worse - that can bring your business to a virtual standstill: viruses and spam.


Based on the newest estimations spam counts for about 50 - 90% of all sent emails, and your employees spend about 30 minutes per day with cleaning their inboxes from unwanted advertising emails. Besides the threat caused by viruses, worms and trojans is growing. Employees can bring down your whole company network by a single thoughtless mouseclick.


On the other hand you want to protect yourself against the risk of liability that can be caused by one of your employees unknowingly sending a virus (e.g. because he fell victim of a virus before) to an employee of another company.


Can you afford these risks and possible losses of productivity?


Advantages of the 42go SPAM-Filter:


  • Saves working time worth 860 EUR* per employee and year 
  • No additional charges for updates of the integrated virus scanner
  • No time-consuming installation and maintenance of antispam and antivirus programs on your employees' computers
  • Easy administration over a web based graphical interface 
  • Virtually maintenance-free after the initial configuration
  • Central protection against email viruses
  • Self-learning spamfilter
  • Unwanted emails can be explicitly defined as spam 
  • Filters dangerous email attachments
  • Automativ updates of the virus signatures up to 10 times per day, therefore they are always up to date
  • Detailed statistics (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) about your email traffic, type and amount of spam and viruses


* Sample Calculation: an employee with an hourly wage of 25 EUR and 208 working days per year spends 10 minutes a day for cleaning his inbox from spam.

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