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I need an SSL certificate for my website. What do I have to do?


Activate the option "SSL" in the register "Basic" of the web and go to the register "SSL".

Provide your information there ("State/county" and "Organizational unit" are optional").

Please leave empty the fields "SSL Request" and "SSL Certificate". Choose "Save Certificate" under "Action" and then click on "Save".

Afterwards, if you go to the register "SSL" again, you will find the "Certificate

Signing Request" (CSR) under "SSL Request". Copy the CSR. With this CSR you can apply for an SSL certificate at companies like Verisign (www.verisign.com), Baltimore (www.baltimore.com), Entrust (www.entrust.com), Geotrust (www.geotrust.com), IPSCA (www.ipsca.com) or InstantSSL (www.instantssl.com).

Follow the instructions given on the website of the respective company. (Some companies issue trial certificates.)

After you get your certificate, copy it into the field "SSL Certificate" and choose "Save certificate" under "Action".


Hint: To secure a website with SSL, you do not have to apply for a certificate at the companies mentioned above. You then have to live with a warning message that pops up in a user's browser as soon as they visit the website. This may be a little irritating.


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