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How can I adjust the standard index page and the error pages to my needs?


You can find the standard index pages under /root/42go/isp and the error pages under /root/42go/isp/error_en or /root/42go/isp/error_de (depending on your language). These are the pages that are copied into the respective directories when a web/user is created. You can edit these templates to your needs.

If you want the URL of the website to appear on the standard index page please do not remove the following entry from the source code:


<!--ADRESSE//-->your Website!<!--ADRESSE//-->


(caution: it should not appear more than once in the source code!).


If you would like to have the user mentioned on a user's standard index page, please enter the following

in the source code:




(this may appear as often as you like).


In version 2.x of the 42go ISP-Manager you can edit index and error pages directly in the control panel.


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